Ellie Active Wear Subscription Review

As we get older, we start to understand the importance of incorporating some exercise or light physical activities into our lifestyle. I, myself, do my best to live a more active lifestyle by starting some morning runs, doing yoga, biking, ping pong or mostly working out in the gym. I won’t say that you have to wear cute clothes when working out, but it won’t hurt to wear attire that is appropriate for your workout. Because believe me or not, your clothes can actually affect your workout just like how having the right mindset can. Aside from making you more comfortable, wearing proper fitness wear can help to make you more dynamic and confident.

When I first heard about Ellie Subscription, I was intrigued so I decided to give it a try. After all, it’s really convenient and I love the feeling of getting new products every month! I tried the package only for a month, I am excited to share with you my experience so far! Was it worth it? Do I recommend it to people who are new to fitness and workouts? Find out what I think in my Ellie Active Wear Subscription review below!

Ellie Activewear Subscription Review, Ellie Active Wear Subscription Review, Ellie Activewear Review 2

For my body type, it’s hard to find things that fit me! I was surprised that Ellie sports bra fits me, not completely, clearly, however, I could work out in it! That means you’ll have no issue with the fitting.

Ellie Activewear Subscription Review, Ellie Active Wear Subscription Review, Ellie Activewear Review 2

I ordered XS leggings as my usual legging size, it was a bit hard to wear them on. I felt the stitches were breaking, so I recommend getting your comfortable size…

Ellie Activewear Subscription Review, Ellie Active Wear Subscription Review, Ellie Activewear Review 2
Ellie Activewear Subscription Review, Ellie Active Wear Subscription Review, Ellie Activewear Review 2
Ellie Activewear Subscription Review, Ellie Active Wear Subscription Review, Ellie Activewear Review 2

Ellie Active Wear Subscription Review- How does it work?

Ellie, just like other monthly subscription services, will mail you a package containing a set of activewear monthly. Depending on the plan you choose, you will get an assortment of fitness outfit and accessories. You can choose from 3 subscription plans:

2 items – package includes 2 apparel items (top & bottom)
3 items – package includes 3 apparel items (top, bra & bottom)
5 items – package includes 3 apparel items + 2 accessories/products/equipment

Every first of the month, the website is updated to show their new unique fitness outfits. Simply log in, select your subscription, and you’ll be able to see the upcoming package. Every month, Ellie will be sending you a new package, and you don’t have to pay for extra shipping fee monthly, as it is already included in your subscription. Since you will get a preview of the next outfit that will be sent, you still have control over what’s sent to you. If you think that the next outfit is something you’re not comfortable wearing, then you are free to skip that month at no cost. In fact, you won’t be charged on that month at all. Sounds good?

Once you’re ready to receive your first package, simply register over at www.ellie.com, fill out your details, select the size of your outfit, and just follow the succeeding instructions.



In the first place, I subscribed to Ellie because it is very convenient. I don’t go out much and I rarely spend time shopping for activewear (I just pull out the first fitness outfit I see in my cabinet!), so receiving a new set of clothes every month to add to my active wardrobe is one of the things I loved about it. Choosing the proper activewear is something most people take for granted, and I realized that having new fitness outfits conveniently delivered right at your doorstep is a pretty good reminder whenever you feel like quitting gym or training.

Unique Outfits

I’m a fan of simple designs and colors, but having new and unique designs that I don’t usually see online or being worn by ladies at the gym is nice as well! I love how each outfit is designed to exude different intentions and various personalities that represent many types of active individuals. You can choose a different outfit when you’re in the gym, taking your morning run, or when you’re doing simple weights at home. You don’t also have to worry if your top complements your bottom or if you are wearing appropriate attire because Ellie will do that for you.

Control over what you pay for

When I first read about this activewear subscription, I was worried that the available designs are not for me or don’t fit my style. But upon reading further, I saw that I can opt to skip a month’s subscription if I don’t fancy the upcoming design. And it won’t cost me anything! It’s good that they give subscribers control over what they choose to pay for.



I know that we are paying for convenience and unique designs here. But if you’re someone who has other priorities other than good gym clothes and workout outfit, then you might find the subscription plan rates expensive, knowing that you can probably get almost the same outfit at stores or online.

Limited Choices

Since Ellie announces its next outfit design on their website, sometimes you are only left with a few choices. Unlike shopping online where you can choose from a wide variety of items, having an activewear subscription may limit your choices.


If you are very particular about the material of your clothes, then the clothing subscription might not be an ideal option for you. Personally, I’m okay with the material of the activewear from Ellie. However, I’ve read some reviews and heard from some friends that the quality of the clothes is not the best and you can find higher quality materials from other brands.