Smile Direct Invisible Aligners Review

Everyone wants that perfect smile. After all, a great smile easily wins attention and boosts your personal confidence. But let’s face it, getting aligners and great dental work isn’t cheap at all. In fact, professional dental work is absolutely expensive and time consuming because of the back and forth you need to do when visiting the orthodontist’s office. So what’s the solution?Read my Smile Direct Invisible Aligners review below: Enter the Smile Direct Club.  

Smile Direct Invisible Aligners Review

What is the SmileDirect?

The company used to be called Smile Care Club so don’t be confused if you find two or three names that seem similar, they’re actually the same exact company. SmileDirect offers invisible aligners that help you get whiter and straighter teeth while at home. There’s no one-to-one interaction between you and a professional orthodontist but instead, your teeth work is remotely-supervised by a state licensed professional. The company was started by two friends, Alex Fenkell and Jordan Katzman who teamed up with the Camelot Venture Group.

How the company helps you get straighter teeth?

SmileDirect works by sending you an “Impression Kit” which costs $99. This kit gives you directions on how to take an impression of your teeth at home. Afterwards, you send this back to be evaluated by their professional smile dentist. I heard it may get a bit confusing to do the impressions by yourself. I chose their other alternative, I visited one of Smile Direct Club’s 5 offices in New York and they did electronically took the impressions of my teeth. 

I used a referral link to get my impressions for free. After you join the club, you’ll also get your own referral link to share with your friends and family. So, use my referral link to take your impressions for FREE in their offices, or 50% off the home impression kit.

If they find that you need more work than they can provide, they will not take you on as a client and refund your money. If it’s a go, then a dental professional will assess your impression kit and create a treatment plan for you. They’ll also send a 3D print of your upper and lower aligners and then send this to you. Depending on your treatment plan, you’ll be switching out your aligners periodically. The first kit often arrives with an aligner for first 3 months or as needed in your treatment. Then the following months, you’ll get the next set before you need to switch out of your first ones. Every month you’ll be switching total 3 sets of aligners. Week 1, Week 2, Week 3-4.

The process will go on like this until you manage to finish your treatment plan. Of course, sometimes at the end of the plan you don’t obtain the results you like, SmileDirect offers free refinements to make sure the ideal teeth placement as indicated in your treatment plan is achieved.  

Smile Direct Invisible Aligners Review: Is it painful and how does it differ from a regular orthodontist visit?

Most regular braces and even Invisalign usually make the teeth adjustments right at the onset of the treatment then the rest of the time is devoted to maintenance. With SmileDirect, they space out the treatment over the course of the treatment so you don’t have to suffer too much right from the onset. The pain and pressure on your teeth becomes bearable and you’ll likely see results after a few weeks or sometimes up to a month.

Smile Direct Invisible Aligners Review

Smile Direct Invisible Aligners Review: How long should you wear the aligners?

Since you don’t get regular dentist appointments like you would normally, your improvement will have to depend on how diligent you are with wearing the aligners. You’re expected to wear these aligners for 22 hours a day except when you’re eating, drinking (unless it’s cold water) or brushing your teeth. Just a heads up though, you will lisp. While the aligners are invisible and you’ll hardly notice they’re there, it might take you awhile to get rid of that lisp.

Smile Direct Invisible Aligners Review: What are the results?

Provided you are devoted to actually following your treatment plan, you will genuinely see results. And as mentioned before, if you still need refinements or the end results after the treatment plan isn’t what was expected, SmileDirect can give you free refinements until you obtain your desired alignment. Perhaps the best part is it’s extremely convenient. From experience, the kits arrived like clockwork and I never had any problem at all. Your teeth will move and chances are you’ll see dramatic results once your treatment plant is finished.